LessLoss Firewall

Firewall is a unique no-capacitor, no-inductor power conditioning solution for noise-laden mains from LessLoss. Featuring augmented LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, and a high performance panzerholz acoustical damping structure, the Firewall blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach.

The Firewall’s panzerholz is much more than an aesthetically spellbinding enclosure; it was chosen primarily for its phenomenal acoustical damping properties.

Although carbon fiber has been permeating the design world largely due to its aesthetic merit alone, it also features excellent acoustic damping properties.

To finish off the tankwood frame, we carefully chose a conservative amount of aluminum to create robust end caps for the Firewall’s enclosure. They were then sand blasted and anodized black for aesthetic beauty and protection.

FONO was commissioned by LessLoss to create a sleek styling for the Firewall conditioner. The goal was to work hand in hand with LessLoss electrical engineers, creating an instantly recognizable genuine LessLoss product image.



The people at FONO are highly trained professionals who are reliable and who always deliver high quality. Their professionalism extends to all aspects of their involvement in our projects, and they genuinely feel responsible for the outcome. It is hardly imaginable that anyone can top the quality of their photographic work, especially of technical objects shown in their best light. We highly recommend FONO for their design work, especially in the realm of product photography and graphical layout and style. If you need a serious partner, the people at FONO will not let you down.

— Louis Motek, managing director, LessLoss

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